PoP's Southern American: "Those people" just don't get it!!


"Those people" just don't get it!!

The true bloods of the South are a distinct ethnic people, they are also Confederate American by birth. Dixie is a conquered nation, being conquered does not change the above truths!! They tried to destroy our Southern culture during the infamous reconstruction implemented by Congress, which imposed martial law in the Southern States, from 1866 to 1877... eleven years!!! We became U.S. citizens by force, not choice!

They have chosen the Southern white as the focal scapegoat of our time. This in, politics, media, comics, literature, film and television; dealing with religion, race relations, work and lifestyle in defining Southern whites. The Southron which represents faith, country, pride of heritage, hard work, kinship loyalty, traditional values and way of life is being trampled on by "those people" that hate us so...With all this hate, why don't they just let us go!!!

America's South is losing it's regional distinctiveness by progress, the PC crowd and appeasement of minorities. Society is demoralizing the Southern people through typecasting as stupid, rednecks and hillbilly's. Yet America is destroying a part of itself that should have been left alone, let go, explored and listened to. Because of the guilt and questioning which his/her existence creates in the world of the un-Godly, do-gooders and PCer's. Many Southron feel inadequate and orphaned in their own land!!!

"Those people" preach we should practice tolerance. Well I think we have practiced too much tolerance for too long!!! We have been so tolerant we are losing our past and future! We have let our children become second class citizens in their schools. They have been forced to be ashamed of themselves and their heritage! If we do not correct this, they will grow-up never knowing the truth and our future as a distinct ethnic people is doomed!

Old South Southron were of high moral character, honour, trust and integrity. We as Southron need to get back to these standards. Christian's are not the only warriors in the struggle for our heritage and place in life...Many of my friends are not religious, some are Jewish and we understand each other and get alone just fine. ANY MAN, CHRISTIAN OR NO! Can posses these traits: High moral character, honour, trust and integrity. And if any have these qualities and wish to support our noble effort, they must be welcome regardless their beliefs! Wars over religion will destroy any workable effort in any cause. I pray and read the bible a lot, many friends join in with me. But my friends that do not are no less my friends! And they are still in my prayers. GB/PoP


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