PoP's Southern American: The Confederacy is defending its homes


The Confederacy is defending its homes

Summary: States that the South only wants to be "relieved from the oppression of the North." The Confederacy is defending its homes, not attacking the Union.

Full Text of Article:
Object of the War.

To prevent any misapprehension on the part of our readers relative to an expression in our paper last week, "that the war would be carried into Africa," we make this explanation. Gen. Scott has extended the Military Department of Washington as to include Pennsylvania and Delaware.--Should a battle occur and we take Washington, then it will in all probability be the policy of President Davis to drive the enemy from his position on Southern soil. The base line of the operations of General Scott will have to be broken up. This accomplished, the South will not advance one foot further. We simply want our own soil relieved from the oppression of the North. We want and mean to have our rights and our liberty, or else honourable graves. We are acting on the defensive exclusively. We are repelling aggression. We are defending our firesides and homes. "Lives there a man with soul so dead," that he is not willing to spring eagerly to the trigger for such a purpose?

Staunton Vindicator: May 3, 1861Page 01(Column 3)


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