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Furls of Honour

A few years back I was walking through a Confederate graveyard searching the stones; some having names, while far too many were inscribed with that painful and lonely word 'unknown.' I paused periodically to kneel in prayer, thanking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the supreme sacrifice these brave men have made. Then I happened to look upward noticing the flags of the Confederate States of America, standing tall in the mid-morning breeze. The Third National, Navy Jack, Battle Flag, and Bonnie Blue flags were there. The clear and bright morning light cast a glow over these banners of the Confederacy and I gazed in awe. It will soon be approximately a century and a half ago that our glorious Confederate Armies surrendered. Yet I found myself in deep emotion, shedding tears as my heart quickened. Perhaps those of the occupation believe it was long ago and forgotten war, but deep in my heart it was only yesterday.

How can one adequately explain that which should be self-evident and obvious to everyone? Am I a Confederate Soldier born out of season that I feel such a kinship with these fallen warriors? I have witnessed with my own eyes, the many flags of the earth pass and review with their varying colors and patterns, some having gorgeous patterns and colors. Yet my heart sees only those of Confederate States of America!

The glory of heaven grace seems to be reflected in these banners, even brighter then the noonday sun when positioned overhead. Could it be that I alone have observed that every wave and furl declares that our cause is just and honorable. To me, the red stands for the blood shed to preserve the liberty and independence of our people as well as the Confederacy.

The white is for the purity for which we lawfully, peacefully, and constitutionally seceded from that nation and people to which we were previously joined, that we might secure those blessing granted of Almighty God. While exercising the inalienable rights given of Almighty God in creation, our forefathers chose what manner of government, nation, and society shall be ours. Thus we have established this Confederacy and raised it as the flag of liberty and honor over our Southland.

Then as I looked and beheld the Cross of Saint Andrew also known as the Southern Cross, which has been carried by our people for 2,000 years in one form or the other, dating back to their salvation in Christ under the ministry of Saint Andrew the Apostle. Emblazoned upon it are thirteen stars representing States which have freely associated themselves under this confederation, not by the military might of the conquerors nor held in place by the tyrannical boots of occupation, but happily and from the heart of our people.

In this cross I see more than Saint Andrew and thirteen States. I also see Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, as well as the twelve Apostles. Once again my eyes looked upward and I saw a constellation written in the heavens, spread across the pages of history and of time. Let me say to the despot the arrogant invader, conquer and occupier of our people and nations. Having overwhelmed our armies with greater force, pillaged, looted, and burned our homes, cities, and nation.

Desecrated our houses of worship, raped and murdered our women as well as the babies in their arms. You may compel our presence and membership in your empire and remove our sacred banners and symbols, but shall you now command the Living God that He shall also yield to you as the taskmaster? I say nay for those things of the spirit, heart, and of heaven's grace will stand forever.

"The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form." --- Jefferson Davis. All the legislation, adjudications, regulation, and armed might at your disposal will never subdue an ideal and a principle. Regardless of the time span required, our just and honorable cause will prove victorious, so long as at least single person believes and is prepared to take action.

The Yankees have upheld, uplifted and promulgated the abominable and vile sin of homosexuality. They decided Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and prayer to be unfit for the instruction of our children. They have murdered the unborn as inconvenient blobs of parasitical flesh! Out of debauchery they have desecrated their own Stars and Stripes as well as the people they are sworn to serve, more certainly then her enemies.

They with no shame, being without honor, have abandoned even the most minimum standards of morality, while proposing to pass judgment upon our history, heritage, culture and symbols. The Confederacy was a civilization which had achieved the highest level of Christianity, since the time of the fall of the Roman Empire. Look ye pagans and heathens of Yankee Empire upon the Southern Cross which you hate so violently, is the banner and symbol of our people. This particular constellation is written in heaven!

This is more than merely a pattern upon a piece of cloth, for this pattern stands for honor, honesty, integrity, chivalry, duty, family loyalty and faith in the Almighty God of Heaven, creator of all things. These ideals and principles, this constellation, shall someday stand tall in the wind, when your empire has become a forgotten memory laid away in a dusty museum. Out of arrogance you have forced your rule over our people without having gained their consent while attempted to take away their identity through cultural genocide, substituting your own.

Had you permitted our people to depart in peace, we would have proven ourselves your greatest friend. Having chosen otherwise, we shall one day become to you as Little David in the Holy Scripture. Just as the Colossal Roman Empire broke apart, so shall the demise of their empire. Lawfully, peacefully and honorably! ~ Unknown

God save the Confederacy

"When time shall have softened passion and prejudice, when reason shall have stripped the mask from representation, then justice, holding evenly her scales, will require much of the past censure and praise to change places." ~ President Jefferson Davis

I read this a few years ago, but my friend Clint in Florida e-mailed it to me today to read again. I don't know where it can be found originally:

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