PoP's Southern American: Horror of the War!


Horror of the War!

Pictured about 4 feet of log from just ONE tree at the battle of Lookout Mountain. It has fragments, shot and fuses from four different type of shell and ball. This should give an excellent example of the hell thrown at the Confederates during the battle above the clouds!

"Fighting Joe" Hooker had 12,000 men in blue that he had moved like ten-penny soldiers to the west of Chattanooga where 1,200 rebels in grey were ready to repel them. The rebel's daring hold at Craven House was so thwarted by heavy fire that they were ordered to retreat to the top of Lookout Mountain.

Hooker knew that his enemy was determined and would fight to the last man. No one was eager to see the next day's sunrise. But there was no sunrise. Instead, a ghostly grey fog enveloped the mountain. The Blue took Lookout Mountain with 629 causalities and 81 deaths. The Grey was totally devastated.

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