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They Prayed

They were men of Prayer. President Jeff Davis, Generals Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. Jackson, Nathan B. Forest, and many others. From the greatest generals to the newest recruits, the men in gray believed in the presence and providence of Almighty God. In Confederate camps there was Bible study and worship services led by Godly chaplains, and sweeping revivals where the lost were saved and the saved grew closer and stronger in their relationship with God. And, they prayed.

They prayed for their homes and families. They prayed for their brothers in arms. They prayed for their leaders. They prayed for the preservation of their country: The Confederate States of America. They prayed faithfully and fervently for God to help them defend the just Cause for which they fought, and preserve the ideals of our founding fathers. And, they prayed for vindication.

On the Great Seal of the Confederacy are the words, "Deo Vindice." These words are often used by the Sons of Confederate Veterans also, and mean, "God will vindicate." The question is, do we really believe it? Do we believe that God will vindicate the Confederate Cause and our brave and honorable forefathers who fought in it's defense? Do we believe that God answers the prayers of righteous men?
Do you believe that when Davis, Lee, Jackson, and other Godly men of the Confederacy prayed for vindication, God said no, I have a better idea? Do you think that this country, which is becoming more and more ungodly and moving further and further from the precepts of our founding fathers and the nation's Constitution, is God's "better idea?" If so, then it makes no sense to say Deo Vindice, God will vindicate, when you believe He has already said, "No."

The alternative, of course, is that God said, "Yes, but later." Do you believe that, in due time, God will yet vindicate our Southern Cause? If so, then we, like our Confederate forefathers, must be men of prayer. The leadership of our Confederation, like Davis, Lee, and Jackson, must be men of prayer. We must trust and rely on Him. We must seek and follow His guidance and direction. We must put our Cause in His hands. We must be men of prayer, because, God answers prayer.

Bro. Len Patterson, Th.D
Chaplain, Army of Trans-Mississippi
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Provided by:
Bro. Lynn Hammond


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