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PoP Aaron Awarded “Bazz” Childress Heritage Award for Lifetime Achievement

The SLRC Board of Directors has awarded the third “Bazz" Childress heritage award to:  Tommy “PoP” Aaron.  This is a lifetime achievement award given for his undying faithfulness to Southern Heritage.  Pop Aaron is an example of a die-hard and faithful Southern patriot; a Southern American, as he prefers to be called.  PoP is a humble man and shuns calling attention to himself.  His good works, enthusiasm and pleasant personality draw his friends to him for advice and camaraderie.  His enemies are those who work against the things PoP loves so much.  He has endeared himself to the Confederate community with numerous web sites and blogs.  His Christian demeanor has never been called in question, as he is quick to praise his Lord.  He is stern, but gentlemanly-strong, but never overbearing.  His dedication to Tennessee Confederate Flaggers has allowed a voice be given to the Confederate veterans who have been maligned by slander.  He welcomes debate, but in keeping with his character, demands it be clean with documented facts only.  He has spent over forty years “fighting those people”, as he refers to those who would tarnish the legacy of the men who fought for our beloved South.  The man from East Ridge, Tennessee is truly deserving of recognition.

Thank you PoP!

Taken from The Confederate Voice  of the Southern Legal Resource Center; March 2013—Volume 2, Issue 1



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