PoP's Southern American: The Confederate soldier


The Confederate soldier

The Confederate soldier was in most cases a volunteer. His average age was 21-23, but there were some in their early teens and some in their 60's. Most of which were illiterate and 60-70% were farmers by trade. They worked their land with their own hands and did this without salves.

These Southern patriots were raised under the shadow of The first War of Independence. They were brought up to honour and respect that struggle by their fathers and grandfathers. They knew from this up bringing The War of Independence was to insure the people and states the right to rule themselves. It is not too difficult to understand why these Southerners and many Northerners "That's right" Northerners, fought for self rule and state rights.

These Confederate warriors were under fed, under clothed, and almost never paid his $11 a month. They fought until the very end and begged for another go at 'em when Lee surrendered! I ask you, is this men that would fight only for slavery, when they owned no slaves??...No I say!, They were fighting for the very thing their fathers fought for, Independence...PoP


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The Southern American

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