PoP's Southern American: We don't care what "those people" think!


We don't care what "those people" think!

Honour is the foundation of Southern culture. This honour was in the blood of Celtic peoples (Scottish, Irish, Scotch-Irish, Cornish, and Welsh) from whom most Southerners were descended. Southron stand unfaltering for God, Family, country "Dixie," and a tradition of honour. We Southron, having Confederate warriors blood are most unique and with this uniqueness, we don't care what "those people" think! Staring them down every chance we get! GB/PoP


Anonymous Al Benson Jr. said...

I grew up in the North and discovered as I went along that most Northern folk have a decided opinion as to how things ought to be done or how life ought to be lived and many look with disfavour on those who will not do it "their way." That was one of my major problems in the North, I seldom did it "their way." I learned when we came South that most folks here don't care how they do whatever they do up North. I learned rather than to try to import Northern ideas down here (they had enough of that with "reconstruction") it was much better and easier to partake of Southern culture, which we didn't have any problem with. Hence, we have always felt welcome and comfortable here, while some Northern folks we know couldn't wait to get back North. As one Southern lady said to me awhile back "you've assimilated" and I had to agree with her. This is home now and I have no desire to go back North except to see our kids and grandkids when we are able to do that.

February 5, 2012 at 12:15 AM  

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