PoP's Southern American: The Fourth of July


The Fourth of July

 July 3, 1864, p. 2, c. 1

The Fourth of July.

Eighty-eight years ago to-morrow our ancestors pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors to achieve the Independence of their country.  The misrule and despotic policy of the mother country forced them to publish to the world the celebrated Declaration of Independence.  Appealing to the God of battles and the justice of nations to aid them in the righteous cause which they advocated, it was resolved to prosecute the war to a successful termination or gloriously perish in the struggle.  Valor, endurance, fortitude and patriotic self-sacrifice crowned their efforts with victory.  Southern statesmanship and Southern heroism combined brought the Revolutionary over to a successful termination and achieved the Independence of the States.
The 4th of July 1864 dawns upon the people of the Southern States battling for the rights bequeathed by the men of ’76.  The same motive—the right of self government—that produced the Revolutionary War inaugurated the revolution of 1861, and the result will inevitably crown our arms.  Harmonious action, unity of purpose, and zealous perseverance in the cause of freedom will accomplish the Independence of the Southern States just as certain as night follows day.

 “For freedom’s battle once begun,
  Bequeathed from bleeding sire to son,
 Though baffled oft, is ever won.”

Reverses may befall us, and greater sacrifices may be exacted, but we must prepare to meet them, and if we are but true to ourselves and the noble examples of our forefathers, the cause of justice and freedom must triumph over that of wrong and tyranny.  Already the history of our young Republic is written in blood, and its pages are resplendant [sic] with the heroic deeds of the martyred dead who have fallen in freedom’s cause.  But thank God, they have not fallen in vain.  The wisdom of our rulers, the sagacity and skill of our Generals, the bravery of our soldiers, and the patriotism of our people will soon be rewarded with peace and independence.
The 4th of July 1865 will, we firmly believe, dawn upon the Confederate States as one of the acknowledged powers of the earth, for we see through the smoke of battle the eagle perched on our victorious standards.

SWR's Richard (CulpeppersLightArtillery) 


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