PoP's Southern American: Mississippi and Her Flag: Contributed by Bill Dennison


Mississippi and Her Flag: Contributed by Bill Dennison

"The vitriolic, almost irrational antipathy toward the [Confederate battle] flag is a recent phenomenon. Credible research reveals its origins to be in the 1980's revived by a financially strained and scandal plagued NAACP. Current President, Kwaise Mfume has turned the issue into a fundraising juggernaut.

Egged on by a liberal media irritated at the lingering conservatism in the South, the flag fight has generated much heat but little light. South Carolina relocated the flag from its capital dome to a place of historical significance after they decided it flew in a position of false sovereignty. Governor Hodges became the second governor in a row whose broken promises to "leave the flag alone" scuttled their reelection bids. Former Governor Barnes of Georgia finessed a backroom flag deal that for now has changed the flag but sank his rising political star as outraged citizens sent him to retirement in the 2002 elections.

In Mississippi, however, the thing was put to an old fashioned democratic vote. By a 2 to 1 margin and outspent 10 to 1 they voted to keep the state flag, which features the Battle flag. In fact, three times more African-Americans voted to keep the flag than voted for President Bush. Mississippians speak for all! Southerners when they say "It's our symbol, its our heritage and therefore our choice". - Virginia Kuhn


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