PoP's Southern American: Today, We Are All Slaves by Valerie Protopapas


Today, We Are All Slaves by Valerie Protopapas

The tiresome arguments about the War of Secession - who was right, who was wrong, why it was fought or NOT fought - are no longer necessary. OUR CASE FOR THE SOUTH AND AGAINST THE NORTH HAS BEEN PROVED. How, you ask? Look at our present situation. We are in the final stages of Lincoln's revolution. How many Americans rejoice in it? How many believe that it is a "good thing?" Instead, how many cry for a return to "constitutional government" and " the consent of the governed?" Even those who LOVE Lincoln, who despise the South because of slavery or who reject our truths whether out of ignorance or "patriotism" CANNOT believe that what we have today has ANY relationship to that great "experiment," the representative republic brought forth on this continent by our Founding Fathers.

So I don't want to hear about slavery - today we are ALL slaves - or about "union" - our "union" is one of conquest not choice - or about "patriotism" - which someone once pointed out was the last refuge of scoundrels. Ladies and Gentlemen, THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT. There no longer can be ANY doubt except for those who choose deliberate delusion over rational thought.


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