PoP's Southern American: Northern Views of Black People and Slavery in the 1800's


Northern Views of Black People and Slavery in the 1800's

Northern Views of Black People and Slavery

The driving force of "Enlightenment" was primarily a phenomena felt among the New England clergy - the sons of the Puritans, and primarily drove the Abolitionists who were insane extremists and radicals and only about 1% of the population.

The New England clergy had adopted the idea that before Christ could initiate His second coming, the country and the world had to be cleared of sin. Slavery was at the top of their list, and Southerners were tagged as the most evil and depraved of men in the world.

The rest of the Northern population were primarily driven by an aversion to black people. They didn't want to live with them. They didn't want more of them imported through the slave trade and wanted to keep them out of the territories, not only because of a desire to maintain control of the US congress and senate by non-slave states, but also because they didn't want to live with blacks whom they assumed would eventually be freed.

When Lincoln and Seward (Sec. of State under Lincoln) initially tried to justify the raising of troops to invade the South based on freeing the slaves, there was such an outcry in the North that their were riots in New York and Baltimore. Lincoln and Seward quickly changed their strategy by claiming the purpose of the war was to "preserve the Union" which got a lot more traction with the Northern people.

Even Uylsses S. Grant said that if the war had been over slavery, he would have offered his sword and services to the other side. Mary Lincoln, the president's wife held ownership of slaves up until 1862. Such hypocrisy is beyond the pale.

A number of the Northern states, Illinois comes to mind, even put laws on the books to prohibit the resettlement of freed blacks in their states. There was also a pervasive argument that allowing blacks to settle in the North would present competition to the whites for jobs.

Caring for the welfare of black people by Northern whites, either before or after The War for Southern Independence is about the biggest lie that liberal scholars have ever concocted. In fact, according to Alexis DeTocqueville (a French intellectual who wrote Democracy in America in 1835/1840 after touring the country), prejudice and racial hatred towards the black man was far more prevalent in the Northern states than in the South.

Ahh, but such are the lies of history written by a people, the New England Yankees, who are rotten to the core. And, it appears their rottenness is in their genes since their sons and daughters, even to today, are no different.

SWR's Roy Norris
Deo Vindice
Conquered but Never Defeated


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