PoP's Southern American: Remembering the War to Prevent Southern Independence


Remembering the War to Prevent Southern Independence

Here at the beginning of 2012, let us not forget:

Our noble and gallant forefathers, The Confederate States of America, who sought to preserve the principles upon which the United States was founded and who reasserted: the right to self determination; the right of any people to cast off the bounds of government when it no longer serves the people and to found a new government; the right to live freely and without punitive taxation. They left in peace with malice to no one, were brutally invaded and fought nobly and bravely and died.

Those people who led and fought for the Union in this misnamed “Civil War” represent the absolute scum of the earth and some of the worst war criminals in history. Their deeds live in infamy even if the majority of Americans prefer to wallow in the myths of a "noble" Union and a war “to end slavery”.

Any man who would invade and totally destroy his previous country men because they preferred to peaceably go their own way and live their lives the way they wanted to under a government of their own choosing , is beyond any words of condemnation. But defeating the South was not enough for the Yankee; they had to give full vent to their hatred by turning their attacks to civilians and private property, burning, raping and stealing and they would not stop until they had literally prostrated the South. But even that was not enough! The North
then continued with 11 years of "Reconstruction", military occupation and rule, denial of self determination, all of which was nothing more than Cultural Genocide as they sought to stamp out every vestige of Southern culture.

All that led or fought for the North are guilty, just as the German soldiers in WWII who were "just following orders" are guilty for the unimaginable death and destruction they brought to Europe and Russia. Even unto today, the liberals, democrats, and the North and West Coast in general are practicing cultural genocide against the South, so great is their hatred. When have you seen or heard the South positively portrayed in anything?

The North made a mockery of the Declaration of Independence in invading the South. Their leaders and their soldiers and their supporters even unto today, are pariahs to the earth and all rotting in Hell where they belong for their deeds; there to join the only one who could have conceived of such an atrocity: their master, Satan.

The North's evil, lives on today in the form of the Cultural Genocide raged by Radical Liberals, Marxists, the Media, the Entertainment Industry, the Democrat Party and the supporters of Barack Obama, all of which are Lincoln's legacy.

The blood of 400,000 Southern soldiers and civilians cries out from the earth for vengeance and their spirits will not rest nor the torment of we, their decedents, until this deed is finally avenged.
My very soul cries for the fallen South.

Perhaps that revenge is now upon us in the ongoing collapse of the American Empire; the moral, spiritual, and ethical decline of its people and the nation's ultimate collapse which seems more and more inevitable. It is perhaps the sentence of a Righteous God for the North’s past deeds; a great nation cut its knees before its time.

Our Motto -- Deo Vindice -- God will vindicate our noble Confederacy and her people, is at the doorstep.



Blogger PoP The Southern American said...

Thanks for your wisdom, Brother Roy.

Love and blessings,

Bro. PoP

January 3, 2012 at 7:33 PM  

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