PoP's Southern American: Irreconcilable Differences Between the Southern People and the Northern Yankee


Irreconcilable Differences Between the Southern People and the Northern Yankee

The book "Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America", by David Hackett Fisher, is a detailed analysis of the differences between the four major groups of British settlers to immigrate to America. The distinctiveness of the Southern people are discussed at length as well as the people of New England who spread to populate not only New England but New York, Northern Pennsylvania, Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana, Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. The spread of the New England people is chronicled in "The Expansion of New England", by Lois Kimball Mathews Rosenberry. What becomes clear in both these works, and "Cracker Culture: Celtic Ways in the Old South" by Prof. Grady McWhiney, and in Dr. Frank Owsley's , "Plain Folk of the Old South ", is that Southerners are a distinct and unique people whose roots in England, Scotland, and Ireland are completely different from those peoples who populated the North prior to the War to Prevent Southern Independence and also, from the massive wave of immigrants that have become Americans since the late 1860's.

The Puritans, who had been causing trouble long before the "Civil War" (sic), were a distinct group of Englishmen that were primarily from the East Anglia region of England. They were religious fanatics. They felt that they were the select and chosen people of God, and that it was their mission on Earth to try and convert and if not successfully, force their beliefs, views, values and standards on the rest of humanity.

The popular conception that they migrated to the United States to escape "religious persecution" is another of the Yankee myths. The Puritans had participated and some say caused the English Civil War and fought on the side of Oliver Cromwell against the Royalist. When the monarchy was restored, they were run out of England as traitors to the king. So they even lied about their reasons for coming to the US.

After a number of years in the US, and urging by the New England Transcendentalists, they got rid of the pesky restraints imposed on them by their belief in God, but retained their arrogant and elitist belief that they were a "special people" with the responsibility to force their way of life, their values, and their secular beliefs on the rest of Humanity. Herein lies the source of the Yankee lust for power, for money, for control, for his hatred of religion and the obsessive need to socially engineer the wold, transported here by the Puritans in the early 1600's. In its full fruition, it became the driving force behind the American Empire.

No two peoples are further at odds with one another, from belief in God, basic life values, outlook and respect towards other people and their beliefs, charity, chivalry, views of the role of the US in World affairs, the role of the US Government at home, the fundamental and foundational role of the Constitution, the role of a National Bank (the Fed) and abhorrence of fiat currencies, than the Northern Yankees and the Southern people.

The Yankee trying to force the South into its mold and its beliefs by force and an overt attempt to destroy our culture and our heritage, is a continuing drama that precludes us ever living in harmony together. Trying to do so was a fundamental mistake in the beginning that was a concern of many of the Founders and should have never been attempted. Now it must be undone.

SWR's Roy Norris
Conquered but Never Defeated
Deo Vindice


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