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Va Flaggers: Fly it high, "United RVA"!

The only "real" opposition to the I-95 Battle Flag came in the form of a group called "United RVA".  Although they could muster only a little over 200 members on their FaceBook group, nearly EVERY news story concerning the flag mentioned them, and the fact that they were able to get 20,000 + signatures on a MOVEON.ORG petition.  Most of the signers were not from the Richmond area, much less the South, and the wording of the petition was misleading and incendiary. One of their organizers, Richmond Attorney Brian Cannon, gave the following statement:
"The Confederate Flag is at best a symbol of four years of our 400 years of history in Virginia," said Cannon. "It doesn't represent us at all. At best, that flag is a divisive symbol in a community. At worst, it's a symbol of hatred, bigotry, slavery, and an unwelcome sign to Richmond."

Their grand protest on Sat
urday was...wait for raise a huge U.S. Flag on a crane in downtown Richmond. I guess that since every local poll showed OVERWHELMING support for the I-95 Battle Flag the media had to find something to highlight to try and stir up trouble.  They have also reported recently that they will try and raise money to permanently erect the flag on I-95, as a "protest" to the Memorial Confederate Flag that was raised. 

For the life of me, I can't understand how flying a super sized U.S. Flag is supposed to somehow "bother" us?!?!?  While I am the proud descendant of 4 Confederate Soldiers, I am ALSO the proud descendant of men who fought for the United States in every war since and have no issue whatsoever with the proper display of a U.S. Flag.

In 1941, my four Great-Uncles all left their Mother's home on North Avenue in Richmond to serve honorably in WWII.  They were the Grandsons of a Confederate Veteran.

L-R, Granville David Jenkins, Wesley William Jenkins, John Sylvanius Jenkins, and Ryland Sylvester Jenkins.  Uncle Granville was with the 24th Infantry in the Pacific. He was awarded a medal for bravery and came home to be killed by a drunk driver.  Uncle Wesley was with the 2nd Marine Div. in the Pacific.  Uncle "Tootsie" was with the 90th Infantry in Europe. He was the last surviving brother and died last year, at 95.Uncle Ryland was with the 9th (Army) Air Force in Europe.
Since the American Revolution, the Southern Soldier has served with distinction and honor in EVERY war in which he was called. Duty and sacrifice are in our DNA. It would do these folks well to remember that the most decorated soldiers in both WWI and WWII were...that's right, Southerners...who served among thousands of other sons and grandsons...of Confederate Soldiers.

Southerners have always been among the most patriotic Americans. If we are to believe the media, it looks like that we now may have sparked a wave of patriotism in the Capital of the Confederacy. WHO'DA THUNK IT?

...kinda makes me REAL proud to be a Virginia Flagger. :)Fly it high, "United RVA"!  

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Va Flaggers: "Empire of the Owls" Book/Donation

Va Flagger/Author H. V. "Bo" Traywick, Jr. has generously donated a case of his book "Empire of the Owls - reflections on the North's war against Southern secession" to the Va Flaggers. We will be offering the books for $20 each and ALL proceeds will go toward the I-95 Battle Flag Projects. Please consider purchasing this excellent book and supporting the Va Flaggers.

"This book will change your mind about everything you thought you knew about the War between the States. A reasoned, scholarly work, it is also a readable, gripping account of the war told by those who lived it. The dignified behavior of the Southerners defending their families comes through time and again. Noble sentiments of honor, duty and care of the defenseless are not lost in the desperation of war but elevated.
The book will make you cry. It will make you proud. It will also make you mad about a senseless war that killed 612,000 young men and caused horrible suffering that lasted for generations. But it is an important addition to the Civil War dialogue now, during the Sesquicentennial, because it allows the long-suppressed voices of the South (Virginia, in particular) to speak for themselves and challenge the version of history written by the victors."  - Amazon Review

To purchase, send $20 to:
Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Please note "Empire of the Owls" and include return address for shipping.

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Va Flaggers: VMFA Update 10-3-2013

Check out this GREAT article by Jim Dean in Veterans Today! "Virginian Veterans Raise I-95 Battle Flag.  America's most discriminated Veterans have their day in the sun."

Please help by sharing the link via email and social media.

Following the Raising/Dedication of the RVA I-95 Battle Flag, the Va Flaggers headed out to the Boulevard on Richmond, and many of our out of town guests took advantage of the opportunity to flag the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for the first time!  35 FLAGGERS covered the sidewalk, and the display of flags was one of the largest in recent months! 

Flaggers from Missouri, Florida, and Texas joined the Va Flaggers in forwarding the colors, protesting the forced removal of Confederate Flags from the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel, and changing hearts and minds. 

It was an honor to have our friend Bob Harris join us again from Harrisonburg!  What a perfect way to top off a VERY Confederate day in the Capital of the Confederacy!

The media spotlight from the I-95 Battle Flag has also brought new attention to the desecration of the Confederate Memorial Chapel by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  October 1st marked the 2nd Anniversary of the very first flagging at the VMFA... and what a difference two years makes...



The Virginia Flaggers are committed to staying the course and are asking for your help!

Our next flagging is TODAY, Thursday, October 3rd, 3:00 p.m. - dusk.  JOIN US if you are able, and be a part of those taking a stand FOR the honor and memory or our Confederate ancestors and AGAINST those who would dishonor them.  Can't make it out to the Boulevard?  You can give support to the troops on the ground by calling the VMFA at (804) 340-1506 and asking them to return the Confederate Battle Flags to the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel.

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Grayson Jennings
Va Flaggers


Thursday, October 3rd3:00 p.m. - Dusk - Flagging the VMFA, 200 N. Boulevard

Saturday, October 5th:
  12:00 Noon - 4:00 p.m. - Flagging the VMFA, 200 N. Boulevard
Thursday, November 7th:  Susan will be speaking at the November meeting of the Jackson Rangers, Camp #1917, SCV, Jackson County NC.  The meeting is at 6:00 p.m., and is held at the Barker's Creek Community Center.

Saturday, November 9th:  2:00 p.m. Flag rededication at the NC Museum of History, Raleigh, NC
Friday, January 18th - Saturday, January 19th:  Lee-Jackson State Holiday/Flagging/Memorial Events, Lexington, Va

Saturday, February 1st:  Susan will travel to Statesboro, GA to speak at the Lee-Jackson Banquet, held by the Ogeechee Rifles, Camp #941, SCV. 
RJ's Restaurant, 454 South Main St. (US 301 S.) @ 6 pm for the meal, preliminaries @ 7 pm and the program immediately following.  Seating limited to 125.  Ticket information forthcoming at a later date.

Saturday, February 22nd:  Susan will be speaking at the February meeting of the Rev. Beverly Tucker Lacy Camp #2141, SCV, Fredericksburg, VA.  4:00 p.m., Perkins Restaurant, 10 Simpson Rd. 

April 19, 2014
Susan will be traveling to Quincy, FL to speak at the Confederate Memorial Day Service at the Soldier's Cemetery, sponsored by the Finley's Brigade, SCV.



Va Flaggers: Raising the RVA I-95 Battle Flag

In the days leading up to the September 28th RVA I-95 Confederate Battle Flag raising in Chester, VA, the media filed reports filled with fears and speculation of "trouble" that was sure to accompany the planned Memorial and Dedication service.  Planning for a crowd of approx. 150, we were warned that folks would likely stay away in fear.  Chesterfield County police officers visited with us in the days leading up to the service, to go over parking and traffic control plans, and to let us know that they would be on call should there be any disturbances.

As the Va Flaggers arrived to prepare for the event on Saturday morning, it soon became obvious that not only was the weather going to be perfect, but that all of those fears were completely unfounded.  Parking was plentiful, traffic was trouble free, and over 300 Southern Heritage Supporters made their way to the flag site, including visitors from as far away as North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, as well as cities and towns from across the Commonwealth.  Throughout the entire course of the event, there was not one single protestor, dissenter, or even a disparaging remark from passers-by.

As the crowd gathered, excitement began to build.  What a privilege to meet so many new friends and fellowship with old ones at the base of the flag pole!

Promptly at 10:00 a.m., the ceremony began with an invocation and the colors were presented by the Color Guard of the Capt. Wm. Latane Camp, #1690, SCV.  Salutes to the Confederate and Virginia flags, and the singing of "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" drowned out the din of passing cars and set the tone for the ceremony.  Va Flagger Luke M. shared a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes.

An informative talk about the Confederate history of the area was shared, and poetry read to honor the Confederates who fought and died near the location. 

When the time came for me to speak, I was overwhelmed as I looked around at those who had assembled for the service.  On the ridge behind me, I saw a large group of men of the Mechanized Cavalry, SCV, and I could not help but smiling, realizing that just a few hours before, we actually had concerns about safety and security.  Who needs security when the Mechanized Cavalry has your back?

I spoke for a few minutes and standing there, in that spot that day, I marveled at the fact that there was none of the usual stress or concern.  About halfway through my prepared notes, a breeze lifted and took my notes with it.  I don't really know how to explain it, but there was a peace that washed over me and I found myself straying from my prepared notes a bit, and speaking from my heart, full of emotion from the weeks leading up to that point, the excitement of the moment, and the realization that there were more gathered in that place than just those standing at the site.  Thanks to Ira Meredith, there is a an excerpt here...

Immediately afterwards, and accompanied by the "Bonnie Blue Flag" on bagpipe, Grayson Jennings led a group of Va Flaggers in raising the 15x15 ANV Battle Flag.  Watching it was an experience many of us will not soon forget.  As the flag rose, the air was still and the crowd quiet in anticipation.  The flag reached the top of the pole, and as if on cue, or some would say, spurred by the breath of the Old Soldiers watching us, and amidst shouts of joy, a breeze suddenly lifted the flag and stretched her out for all to see and admire.

The Latane Color Guard offered a rifle salute, a final benediction was invoked, and the crowd was dismissed with a rousing rendition of "Dixie".
The extensive media coverage leading up to the event, while often negative, had quite the opposite intended effect, as we have received support and donations from across the country and around the globe.  The press immediately following the event has been surprisingly positive.  Those reporters who attended the ceremony provided many quotes from our program in their reports, and interviews following the service by guests and Flaggers helped to better show the true meaning of the Battle Flag memorial as it was publicly dedicated to the honor and memory of the Confederate Soldier.

There have been comments and concerns regarding the visibility of the flag from I-95.  Please be assured that while the foliage served us well as concealment during the site work and pole setting, plans are underway to clear additional trees and branches to improve visibility... and fencing, lighting, and security cameras will be installed soon.  For now, it is enough for us to know that the flag is flying high, and is attracting visitors from all across the country to stop and admire her.  Confederate-friendly neighbors who are helping to keep an eye on the site have reported that there is a constant stream of cars stopping by, with folks walking across the overpass for the best view and photo opportunities. We are content in the fact that even if the current visibility from I-95 is not ideal, we know the flag is there...hundreds of thousands of people know its there...and most importantly, the SOLDIERS know it is there, and know that they are not forgotten!

More photos here, from Judy Smith Photography...

A special thanks to each and every person who made the day possible, through your generous support and/or contributions, and those who took the time to come out and attend the ceremony.  We are truly blessed by all who have joined us in this endeavor. 

Finally, we encourage you to watch the Virginia...and elsewhere, as the I-95 Battle Flag Projects be continued...

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Contributions to the I-95 Battle Flag projects may be mailed to:
Va Flaggers
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