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Northern Views of Black People and Slavery in the 1800's

Northern Views of Black People and Slavery

The driving force of "Enlightenment" was primarily a phenomena felt among the New England clergy - the sons of the Puritans, and primarily drove the Abolitionists who were insane extremists and radicals and only about 1% of the population.

The New England clergy had adopted the idea that before Christ could initiate His second coming, the country and the world had to be cleared of sin. Slavery was at the top of their list, and Southerners were tagged as the most evil and depraved of men in the world.

The rest of the Northern population were primarily driven by an aversion to black people. They didn't want to live with them. They didn't want more of them imported through the slave trade and wanted to keep them out of the territories, not only because of a desire to maintain control of the US congress and senate by non-slave states, but also because they didn't want to live with blacks whom they assumed would eventually be freed.

When Lincoln and Seward (Sec. of State under Lincoln) initially tried to justify the raising of troops to invade the South based on freeing the slaves, there was such an outcry in the North that their were riots in New York and Baltimore. Lincoln and Seward quickly changed their strategy by claiming the purpose of the war was to "preserve the Union" which got a lot more traction with the Northern people.

Even Uylsses S. Grant said that if the war had been over slavery, he would have offered his sword and services to the other side. Mary Lincoln, the president's wife held ownership of slaves up until 1862. Such hypocrisy is beyond the pale.

A number of the Northern states, Illinois comes to mind, even put laws on the books to prohibit the resettlement of freed blacks in their states. There was also a pervasive argument that allowing blacks to settle in the North would present competition to the whites for jobs.

Caring for the welfare of black people by Northern whites, either before or after The War for Southern Independence is about the biggest lie that liberal scholars have ever concocted. In fact, according to Alexis DeTocqueville (a French intellectual who wrote Democracy in America in 1835/1840 after touring the country), prejudice and racial hatred towards the black man was far more prevalent in the Northern states than in the South.

Ahh, but such are the lies of history written by a people, the New England Yankees, who are rotten to the core. And, it appears their rottenness is in their genes since their sons and daughters, even to today, are no different.

SWR's Roy Norris
Deo Vindice
Conquered but Never Defeated


The Confederate soldier

The Confederate soldier was in most cases a volunteer. His average age was 21-23, but there were some in their early teens and some in their 60's. Most of which were illiterate and 60-70% were farmers by trade. They worked their land with their own hands and did this without salves.

These Southern patriots were raised under the shadow of The first War of Independence. They were brought up to honour and respect that struggle by their fathers and grandfathers. They knew from this up bringing The War of Independence was to insure the people and states the right to rule themselves. It is not too difficult to understand why these Southerners and many Northerners "That's right" Northerners, fought for self rule and state rights.

These Confederate warriors were under fed, under clothed, and almost never paid his $11 a month. They fought until the very end and begged for another go at 'em when Lee surrendered! I ask you, is this men that would fight only for slavery, when they owned no slaves??...No I say!, They were fighting for the very thing their fathers fought for, Independence...PoP

"We Southron are people to whom the past is forever speaking."

We listen because we cannot help ourselves, for the past speaks to us with many voices. Far out of that dark nowhere which is the time before we were born, men who were flesh of our flesh and blood of our blood went through fire and storm to break a path to the future and form a true government, by the people, and for the people.

We are part of the future they died for; they are part of the past that brought the future. What they did--the lives they lived, the sacrifices they made, the stories they told and the songs they sang and, finally, the deaths they died--make up a part of our own experience. We can not cut ourselves off from it. It is as real to us as something that happened last week. It is a basic part of our "Southern Heritage"as Americans" (Author unknown)


Reminiscences Of The Civil War

"Reminiscences Of The Civil War"
by Maj. Gen. John B. Gordon, CSA"

When the proud and sensitive sons of Dixie came to a full realization of the truth that the Confederacy was overthrown and their leader had been compelled to surrender his once invincible army, they could no longer control their emotions, and tears ran like water down their shrunken faces. The flags which they still carried were objects of undisguised affection. These Southern banners had gone down before overwhelming numbers; and torn by shells, riddled by bullets, and laden with the powder and smoke of battle, they aroused intense emotion in the men who had so often followed them to victory. Yielding to overpowering sentiment, these high-mettled men began to tear the flags from the staffs and hide them in their bosoms, as they wet them with burning tears.

The Confederate officers faithfully endeavored to check this exhibition of loyalty and love for the old flags. A great majority of them were duly surrendered; but many were secretly carried by devoted veterans to their homes, and will be cherished forever as honored heirlooms.

There was nothing unnatural or censurable in all this. The Confederates who clung to those pieces of battered bunting knew they would never again wave as martial ensigns above embattled hosts; but they wanted to keep them, just as they wanted to keep the old canteen with a bullet-hole through it, or the rusty gray jacket that had been torn by canister. They loved those flags, and will love them forever, as mementoes of the unparalleled struggle. They cherish them because they represent the consecration and courage not only of Lee's army but of all the Southern armies, because they symbolize the bloodshed and the glory of nearly a thousand battles.

Some narrow but very good and patriotic people object to this expression of Southern sentiment. It was not so, however, with William McKinley, that typical American, who, while living and while dying, exhibited in their fulness and strength the virtues of a true and lofty manhood. That chivalric Union soldier, far-seeing statesman, and truly great President saw in this Southern fidelity to past memories the surest pledge of loyalty to future duties. William McKinley fought as bravely as the bravest on the Union side; but he was broad enough to recognize in his Southern countrymen a loyal adherence to the great fundamental truths to which both sides were devoted. He was too wise and too just to doubt the South's fealty to the Constitution or to the doctrines of the Declaration of Independence; for Madison was father of the one and Jefferson of the other. He was great enough to trust implicitly the South's renewed allegiance to the Union and its flag; for hers was the most liberal hand in studding its field with stars. He did not hesitate to trust Southern pluck and patriotism to uphold the honor of the country and give liberty to Cuba; for he remembered Washington and his rebels in the Revolution, Jackson and his Southern volunteers at New Orleans; Zachary Taylor and his Louisianians, Clay and his Kentuckians, Butler and his South Carolinians, and Davis and his Mississippians in Mexico.

If those unhappy patriots who find a scarecrow in every faded, riddled Confederate flag would delve deeper into the philosophy of human nature, or rise higher,--say to the plane on which McKinley stood,--they would be better satisfied with their Southern countrymen, with Southern sentiment, with the breadth and strength of the unobtrusive but sincere Southern patriotism. They would see that man is so constituted--the immutable laws of our being are such that to stifle the sentiment and extinguish the hallowed memories of a people is to destroy their manhood.


"Those people" just don't get it!!

The true bloods of the South are a distinct ethnic people, they are also Confederate American by birth. Dixie is a conquered nation, being conquered does not change the above truths!! They tried to destroy our Southern culture during the infamous reconstruction implemented by Congress, which imposed martial law in the Southern States, from 1866 to 1877... eleven years!!! We became U.S. citizens by force, not choice!

They have chosen the Southern white as the focal scapegoat of our time. This in, politics, media, comics, literature, film and television; dealing with religion, race relations, work and lifestyle in defining Southern whites. The Southron which represents faith, country, pride of heritage, hard work, kinship loyalty, traditional values and way of life is being trampled on by "those people" that hate us so...With all this hate, why don't they just let us go!!!

America's South is losing it's regional distinctiveness by progress, the PC crowd and appeasement of minorities. Society is demoralizing the Southern people through typecasting as stupid, rednecks and hillbilly's. Yet America is destroying a part of itself that should have been left alone, let go, explored and listened to. Because of the guilt and questioning which his/her existence creates in the world of the un-Godly, do-gooders and PCer's. Many Southron feel inadequate and orphaned in their own land!!!

"Those people" preach we should practice tolerance. Well I think we have practiced too much tolerance for too long!!! We have been so tolerant we are losing our past and future! We have let our children become second class citizens in their schools. They have been forced to be ashamed of themselves and their heritage! If we do not correct this, they will grow-up never knowing the truth and our future as a distinct ethnic people is doomed!

Old South Southron were of high moral character, honour, trust and integrity. We as Southron need to get back to these standards. Christian's are not the only warriors in the struggle for our heritage and place in life...Many of my friends are not religious, some are Jewish and we understand each other and get alone just fine. ANY MAN, CHRISTIAN OR NO! Can posses these traits: High moral character, honour, trust and integrity. And if any have these qualities and wish to support our noble effort, they must be welcome regardless their beliefs! Wars over religion will destroy any workable effort in any cause. I pray and read the bible a lot, many friends join in with me. But my friends that do not are no less my friends! And they are still in my prayers. GB/PoP

PoP Aaron
The Southern American

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