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Furls of Honour

A few years back I was walking through a Confederate graveyard searching the stones; some having names, while far too many were inscribed with that painful and lonely word 'unknown.' I paused periodically to kneel in prayer, thanking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the supreme sacrifice these brave men have made. Then I happened to look upward noticing the flags of the Confederate States of America, standing tall in the mid-morning breeze. The Third National, Navy Jack, Battle Flag, and Bonnie Blue flags were there. The clear and bright morning light cast a glow over these banners of the Confederacy and I gazed in awe. It will soon be approximately a century and a half ago that our glorious Confederate Armies surrendered. Yet I found myself in deep emotion, shedding tears as my heart quickened. Perhaps those of the occupation believe it was long ago and forgotten war, but deep in my heart it was only yesterday.

How can one adequately explain that which should be self-evident and obvious to everyone? Am I a Confederate Soldier born out of season that I feel such a kinship with these fallen warriors? I have witnessed with my own eyes, the many flags of the earth pass and review with their varying colors and patterns, some having gorgeous patterns and colors. Yet my heart sees only those of Confederate States of America!

The glory of heaven grace seems to be reflected in these banners, even brighter then the noonday sun when positioned overhead. Could it be that I alone have observed that every wave and furl declares that our cause is just and honorable. To me, the red stands for the blood shed to preserve the liberty and independence of our people as well as the Confederacy.

The white is for the purity for which we lawfully, peacefully, and constitutionally seceded from that nation and people to which we were previously joined, that we might secure those blessing granted of Almighty God. While exercising the inalienable rights given of Almighty God in creation, our forefathers chose what manner of government, nation, and society shall be ours. Thus we have established this Confederacy and raised it as the flag of liberty and honor over our Southland.

Then as I looked and beheld the Cross of Saint Andrew also known as the Southern Cross, which has been carried by our people for 2,000 years in one form or the other, dating back to their salvation in Christ under the ministry of Saint Andrew the Apostle. Emblazoned upon it are thirteen stars representing States which have freely associated themselves under this confederation, not by the military might of the conquerors nor held in place by the tyrannical boots of occupation, but happily and from the heart of our people.

In this cross I see more than Saint Andrew and thirteen States. I also see Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, as well as the twelve Apostles. Once again my eyes looked upward and I saw a constellation written in the heavens, spread across the pages of history and of time. Let me say to the despot the arrogant invader, conquer and occupier of our people and nations. Having overwhelmed our armies with greater force, pillaged, looted, and burned our homes, cities, and nation.

Desecrated our houses of worship, raped and murdered our women as well as the babies in their arms. You may compel our presence and membership in your empire and remove our sacred banners and symbols, but shall you now command the Living God that He shall also yield to you as the taskmaster? I say nay for those things of the spirit, heart, and of heaven's grace will stand forever.

"The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form." --- Jefferson Davis. All the legislation, adjudications, regulation, and armed might at your disposal will never subdue an ideal and a principle. Regardless of the time span required, our just and honorable cause will prove victorious, so long as at least single person believes and is prepared to take action.

The Yankees have upheld, uplifted and promulgated the abominable and vile sin of homosexuality. They decided Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and prayer to be unfit for the instruction of our children. They have murdered the unborn as inconvenient blobs of parasitical flesh! Out of debauchery they have desecrated their own Stars and Stripes as well as the people they are sworn to serve, more certainly then her enemies.

They with no shame, being without honor, have abandoned even the most minimum standards of morality, while proposing to pass judgment upon our history, heritage, culture and symbols. The Confederacy was a civilization which had achieved the highest level of Christianity, since the time of the fall of the Roman Empire. Look ye pagans and heathens of Yankee Empire upon the Southern Cross which you hate so violently, is the banner and symbol of our people. This particular constellation is written in heaven!

This is more than merely a pattern upon a piece of cloth, for this pattern stands for honor, honesty, integrity, chivalry, duty, family loyalty and faith in the Almighty God of Heaven, creator of all things. These ideals and principles, this constellation, shall someday stand tall in the wind, when your empire has become a forgotten memory laid away in a dusty museum. Out of arrogance you have forced your rule over our people without having gained their consent while attempted to take away their identity through cultural genocide, substituting your own.

Had you permitted our people to depart in peace, we would have proven ourselves your greatest friend. Having chosen otherwise, we shall one day become to you as Little David in the Holy Scripture. Just as the Colossal Roman Empire broke apart, so shall the demise of their empire. Lawfully, peacefully and honorably! ~ Unknown

God save the Confederacy

"When time shall have softened passion and prejudice, when reason shall have stripped the mask from representation, then justice, holding evenly her scales, will require much of the past censure and praise to change places." ~ President Jefferson Davis

I read this a few years ago, but my friend Clint in Florida e-mailed it to me today to read again. I don't know where it can be found originally:

Rodney "OKConfederate" SWR Forum


Georgia Secession Rooted in Lincoln’s Election

Georgia somewhat reluctantly joined other Southern states in seceding from the Union 151 years ago on January 19, 1861.

ALBANY — For the better part of 150 years, history has proclaimed that Georgia leaders' decision on this date in 1861 to secede from the United States was about its citizens' right to own slaves.

Certainly the millions of dollars invested in slave labor was a crucial economic factor for all 11 of the official Confederate States of America that chose the path of secession, but the continued study of historical documents from that era — particularly by Southern scholars — shows that such reasoning discounts factors far removed from the slavery/anti-slavery cause and effect.

"The key to understanding secession is to look at the mindset of the people of that era, not what anyone in the year 2012 might think," Bernhard Thuersam, a native of Niagara Falls, N.Y., and the chairman of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission, said. "By looking at diaries, letters, post-war recollections — historical documents from just before, during and just after the war — you see things through the eyes of the people of that era.

"Then you start to get a true perspective. And it's clear that the South — and Georgia — did not secede merely over the issue of slavery."

When Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860 with only slightly more than 39 percent of the popular vote but with an overwhelming Electoral College majority, the dominoes of secession started falling. South Carolina was first to break from the Union on Dec. 20, 1860, and Mississippi followed on Jan. 9, 1861.

The next day, Florida followed suit when its governor, Madison Starke Perry, declared, “Florida may be unwilling to subject herself to the charge of temerity or immodesty by leading off but will most assuredly cooperate with or follow the lead of any single Cotton State which may secede."

Alabama was the next Confederate state to withdraw from the Union , voting to secede on Jan. 11. Although Georgia followed suit on the 19th, it was clear by the 89 "no" votes of its delegates that the Peach State was not as anxious to pull out of the Union as some of its sister states.

"Georgia actually tended to vote more with the New England states that, with Lincoln, essentially pulled off an illegal military coup in America," former professor and current Executive Director of the Virginia Heritage Foundation Timothy Manning said. "There were influential Georgians like Alexander Stephens (later the vice president of the Confederacy), Herschel Johnson and Benjamin Hill who were opposed to secession, but the election of Lincoln was a crucial factor in the Southern states' decision (to secede)."

Indeed, secessionist Robert Toombs boldly told Georgia delegates in a fiery speech at the state's convention "Give me the sword! But if you do not place it in my hands, before God I will take it!"

Louisiana voted for secession on Jan. 26, and while Texas ' convention delegates voted to secede from the Union on Feb. 1, the Lone Star State held a referendum on Feb. 23 and its populace voted by a 76 percent margin to approve the action of its leaders.

Shortly after Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4, 1861, Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter in South Carolina , and the new president's response was to send 75,000 troops to "suppress the insurrection." His actions led Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina to secede from the Union , and the American Civil War that had been brewing inevitably followed.

The "Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies," or OR, notes: "The people of Georgia , having dissolved their political connection with the Government of the United States of America , present to their confederates and the world the causes which have led to the separation. For the last 10 years we have had numerous and serious causes of complaint against our non-slaveholding confederate States with reference to the subject of African slavery. They have endeavored to weaken our security, to disturb our domestic peace and tranquility, and persistently refused to comply with their express constitutional obligations to us in reference to that property, and by the use of their power in the Federal Government have striven to deprive us of an equal enjoyment of the common Territories of the Republic.

"This hostile policy of our confederates has been pursued with every circumstance of aggravation which could arouse the passions and excite the hatred of our people, and has placed the two sections of the Union for many years past in the condition of virtual civil war. Our people, still attached to the Union from habit and national traditions, and averse to change, hoped that time, reason, and argument would bring, if not redress, at least exemption from further insults, injuries and dangers. Recent events have fully dissipated all such hopes and demonstrated the necessity of separation. Our Northern confederates, after a full and calm hearing of all the facts, after a fair warning of our purpose not to submit to the rule of the authors of all these wrongs and injuries, have by a large majority committed the Government of the United States into their hands. The people of Georgia , after an equally full and fair and deliberate hearing of the case, have declared with equal firmness that they shall not rule over them."

Manning, who was educated in Michigan, served as a minister in Ohio and taught at colleges in Washington, D.C., contends the accepted delineation of "North vs. South" that has emerged in historical accounts of the war are inaccurate.

"If you look at primary sources, and in particular the OR, you find lots of inaccuracies in that Northern states versus Southern states line of thinking," he said. "You see that there were actually 20 states — the 11 official Confederate states, the four border states that Lincoln invaded early to head off secession, West Virginia, Delaware, the Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona territories — that opposed the Union Army.

"What's not so well known is that seven Democratic northern states, including New York , Pennsylvania , Indiana , Ohio , Michigan , Illinois and Wisconsin , actively opposed Lincoln and took up arms against the Union . The OR shows two significant facts: That 80 percent of the warfare of the Union Army was carried out against civilians — including torture, which is never talked about — to demoralize the South, and that 50 percent of the Union’s troops were dispatched to fight northern citizens who'd taken up arms against the North."

James King, the commander of the Albany Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, said in a recent article that while "New England greed, New England radicals, New England fanatics, New England zealots and New England hypocrites" were the human elements responsible for the Civil War, his research points to a number of root causes that led to secession.

"In actuality, if you look at the causes of the war, it's a simple matter," King said. "The North wanted the goods it got from the South for pennies on the dollar, and the South simply fought against an invading army.

"But there were some very clear reasons Georgia and other Southern states seceded."

King's list of the 10 primary causes of secession includes excessive tariffs, centralization vs. states' rights, Christianity vs. secular humanism, cultural differences, control of western territories, Northern industrialists' desire for southern resources, slander of the South by Northern newspapers, attempts by New Englanders to instigate slave rebellion, slavery and northern aggression.

"What many don't realize is that a majority of Northern politicians supported acts of terrorism; 68 of 117 actually signed a document advocating terroristic activity against Southern citizens," King said. "Most educated Southerners of that time favored gradual emancipation of slaves and knew the institution of slavery would soon be dead.

"But what they could not abide was the unconstitutional acts carried out by Lincoln and the New Englanders who treated the South as an agricultural colony with the intent to bleed it dry. Their acts were not only immoral, they went against the very constitution upon which the Union was founded."

Thuersam, the native New Yorker who jokingly refers to himself as "Dances with Wolves" in that he grew to not only understand but agree with the Southern perspective on the Civil War after serving at Army bases in Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia, said many of the accepted factors surrounding the Civil War that are being called into question by current historians come from a refusal — particularly by Northerners — to "look at that era, warts and all."

"Surely the South invested millions of dollars in slave labor," he said, "but many seem to overlook the fact that most of the slave ships were outfitted and financed by northern traders. The North has done a good job over the years of covering its footsteps in the slave trade.

"Many influential Georgia leaders of that era — Toombs, Hill, (Henry) Benning, Stephens, Johnson, (Howell) Cobb, (Joseph) Brown — were opposed to secession, but what they saw was only intense sectional hostility; what they didn't see were practical and peaceful solutions from abolitionists to end the slavery controversy without bloodshed. Those Georgia leaders wanted peaceful settlement of the question, but got nothing but hatred, the inciting of slave insurrection and murder instead. They did what any sane person would do: sever ties with the fanatics to the North who threatened the peace and form their own political union, as proclaimed in Jefferson 's Declaration, with those they had something in common with.

"A more perfect union is what they were after, and with the consent of the governed."

Carlton Fletcher


Keep those people back!

I know that you can and will
keep those people back! ~ R.E. Lee




By Brother, Tim Manning

There are some persistent and frequently reoccurring and often beneficial side-effects of having Confederate blood flowing in your veins.

First is the tendency to want to wear gray clothes, red shirts and gray Confederate Uniforms, often associated with this is the annoying habit of flying some Confederate national, battle unit or Confederate State flag. This occurs in about 95% of those with Confederate blood equally striking both ladies and gentlemen (male and females “guys” for those of you who are yankee's).

Second is the incurable desire to sing Dixie at sports events, school concerts and, in a respectable tone, at funerals of those who love their State and the South.

Third is the ability to see through the smoke and mirrors dog and pony show of socialist politicians, indoctrinators, re-educators, psychologists and other idiots and laugh at those who want you to vote for the lesser idiot at the polls.

Fourth is an allergic reaction to the singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic which can cause embarrassing gas, an almost irresistible desire to stand up and rebuke those singing it, a generally disagreeable attitude that may last for hours or days and the desire to have your name removed from any church which gleefully sings this tribute to the death of Southerner's because it does not have a devotional life close enough to God to alert them that this is not a Christian hymn.

Fifth is the ability to still recognize social and political monsters when you see one. This skill is lost by those who celebrate their secular social values, but have no fixed moral boundaries which causes a permanent state of moral flux and confusion leading them to embrace a goofy notion of modernity.

Finally is the persistent and reoccurring dream of one day living in a free republic. ~ American Dissident, 1/23/2012, Tim Manning



By Mark Vogl

Let's talk strategy on General Lee's birthday!

For the compatriots of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, whether you like it or not, you are viewed by the rest of the nation as a right wing group. Maybe you don’t like that. Maybe you belong to union, or believe in Marxism. Maybe you don’t think politics should be involved, and that you joined only to honor your ancestor.

But your ancestor fought for the most conservative values possible, family, Christianity, State’s Rights, Secession, and the values embraced by and articulated within the Confederate Constitution. You can insult me, you can cry foul, you can falsely claim that the Sons of Confederate Veterans cannot participate in the politics of governance, but when the smoke clears, when all is said and done, there is not one media person, not one college professor who would call the SCV anything but a conservative right wing group. So if those words hurt your feelings, well, maybe you have some thinking to do.

Now recently, some work by former Texas Division Commander Dr. Ray James and his associates Professors at Texas A & M developed a genealogical formula created to help estimate how many living descendants, (male and female) there could be alive today. The number they came up with was 80 million! Because the number was stunningly high, in my articles I always say between 50 – 80 million. Still a fair amount of Americans.

This is our market. This is the market for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Can you imagine the changes in the South if even one in five of the potential membership actually joined? Can you see schools being named after General Lee, and can you see Confederate naval ensigns at football games, and Dixie being played at a football game? Can you see the South rising in power and prestige? Can you see people moving South scrambling to find a descendant?

So why doesn’t this happen? Why can’t we speak to tens of millions of Americans?

Answer is simple. Look at the SCV, look at your own division. Which level of the SCV out performs every other level?

The camp. That’s right. All the activities that can be done a camp are done. Handfuls of compatriots, with their wives, or girlfriends and kids, do everything from marching in parades, to living history exhibits at schools, to attending SCV meetings. The local camps do community projects, participate in cemetery clean ups, and honor Confederate dead.

The amount of work done by the camps are the only source of real success for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

How come?

Because a group of people within the SCV don’t want us to really succeed. This group of people doesn’t want to do real fund raising. It doesn’t want to do advertising. This group doesn’t want to do market research…the same type research that McDonald’s and Ford, and Disney do! Nope. They don’t want to modernize the Constitutions, delegate real power to the Division Lt. Commanders.

This group, that I call the grannies, is the people who don’t want the SCV to become politically active like the veterans organizations, AARP, the NAACP, or other 501c3 organizations. This is the group that are the can’ts.

The combat effectiveness I speak of in the title, is with respect to the politics of the Culture war. Not violence, but doing those things necessary to influence the politics of governance. At present, the SCV and other heritage groups are combat ineffective. If I am wrong, write an essay outlining the big gains, and the big gains just about to come. Did the VA agree to provide the 14,000 headstones for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond? Are museums opening new exhibits honoring the South and Lee, and all the heroes of the war? Is there going to be a Confederate series of stamps? The list is endless. I am waiting. Please write and outline all our gains so I can apologize for being uninformed.

The grannies won’t allow free speech and open discussion within the divisions, they won’t allow a complete reorganization to maximize modern communications technologies. They won’t empower the member with real power. Nope, they want to be the clique in control. This isn’t in one state, it’s probably all across the Confederation. Now, there may be brigade and division leaders who are doing everything they can to bring their units up to combat effectiveness in the modern culture war. It’s very possible.

I believe CiC Givens, and others, many other leaders want to do what I am talking about. But they know from experience that what I am talking about are hot button issues. They know that anyone who is outside the MOS&B, and anyone who can think in modern terms of validating the Cause will be chastised by many. And since they want to lead, even if they must take miniscule bites of the real challenges before them…well, that’s all they feel they can do.

I remember when elected as Lt. Commander of the Texas Division, I was told by a former commander to attempt only small things because people don’t like change.

I didn’t follow his advice. And yep, I am ridiculed by many who are the can’ts. Now they do things at the camp level. They keep a full calendar. They work their butts off. But you know what boys…if you work at McDonald’s, and work and work and work, you still wont have any measurable effect on the corporate balance sheet. Big money, big gains come with innovations and change. And in the present environment, with the present Constitutions which hobble real progress, I will be astonished if we break thirty five thousand by the end of the Sesquicentennial.

Gentlemen I am willing to happily accept all the insults, all the abuse, be removed from my position which I worked pretty hard for, if, in the end the membership rises up and says, hey…leaders, why are we failing as bad as the US government? Why are we not getting laws changed? Why are we not raising money? Why are we not doing things, new things to get us noticed during the Sesquicentennial?

To the many camps and members of the Texas Division who elected me…thank you for the honor. I wanted to serve, and though brief, I have done all I could to meet the Charge!


We traitors?

To people who passed through those memorable days in Dixie, it seems queer to hear Southern men and women spoken of as "traitors," "rebels," "enemies of American liberty" and "foes of the Constitution." I know not what may have been the secret motives of wily leaders, if there were any such leaders, which I gravely doubt, but as for the people, nothing but patriotism pure and simple moved them to vote secession and to enlist in the army.

The people at the South felt just as confident that the people at the North contemplated a deliberate overthrow of the Republic as their fathers in the Revolution felt that King George was a tyrant. In all the public orations and private discussions the idea that slavery was the bone of contention never once entered the minds of the common people . . . .

They understood that the Constitution of the United States was assailed, and that they were offering themselves for its defense. The question, as they understood it, was whether American liberty should be perpetuated or crushed by Northern monarchy.

Fighting for slavery? Think of the absurdity of the thing! The Southern army was largely made up of volunteers from the mountain regions. There were no slaves of consequence in that mountain country, and those poor mountaineers hated "stuck-up" slave holders as cordially as a saint hates sin. True, they understood in a vague sort of way that there was some discussion on the subject of slavery in a general way, but to them this was only an incidental and irrelevant topic of public interest which was in no way connected with the question of secession.

The people understood that the question at issue was simply their right to manage their own affairs in their own States. If the North proposed to interfere with that right, what assurance had they that it would not take from them their homes and all their property? I know not what the leaders thought, but there was no mistaking the feelings and opinions of the common people. . . .

I understood that in seceding the South held on to the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence, and Bunker Hill monument, and the life of George Washington. . . .

We traitors? We rebels against the American government and enemies of the Constitution? Shades of Washington and Bunker Hill! Why, what were the people up in the mountains fighting for if not for the Constitution? . . . . What did they care about slavery? Hadn't it been as a thorn in the flesh to them from time immemorial? Did not everybody know that the North had set aside the Constitution, throttled our liberty and pulled the tail feathers out of the American eagle?

Excerpted from Seventy Years In Dixie,
by F.D. Srygley, Florida Confederate Veteran... Faith and Facts Press, first printing 1891.

Seventy Years In Dixie
By F. D. Srygley
List Price: $21.95
SWR/SHNV Price: $17.12
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Should Lexington limit the use of its public lampposts to fly only the U.S., Virginia and Lexington flags?


The article is dated, Friday, January 13, 2012 today.... A repost of an older article and could have been republished to get a more current opinion from folk because of the flaggings in Lexington.???

The article is also headed, Confederate flag; protest rally planned [poll]

Either way, folk are voting and those votes are being seen. Anytime we can generate interest in our cause is time well spent.... GB/PoP


RAFFLE - Sterling Silver Hand Made CSA Money Clip

David and Ann Reif make beautiful jewelry and travel the country selling it at craft fairs. They have donated to Southern Heritage News & Views and The Southern War Room a contemporary design hammer engraved sterling silver money clip with durable nickle alloy clasp. The face is 18ga sterling silver with a hand buffed mirror finish. It has a quality mark, hallmark, and is signed and dated. I will raffle it to bring in funds for SHNV & SWR.

Dave gave the following explanation for engraving it as he did: "Hammer engraving is the proper term but the technique is also called soldier engraving or trench art engraving. Look up "Vietnam Zippos" for a recent example. In the long hours with little to do sometimes soldiers would get a nail and a piece of metal and hammer or punch the metal into patterns, designs, or the name of their sweetheart. Instead of doing a fine-line engraving on the clip I decided to use this technique which is much closer to what our boys might have done."

Raffle tickets are $1.00 and can be sent by PayPal or check. Email me at for mailing address.

I won't send out tickets but will put your name on a spread sheet, once for each dollar, and cut them out and draw names in about a month.

Thanks for your support.

Chuck & PoP


And you thought it was all about the South and the Battle Flag....

Well, it's not. Here's a story of a decorated Marine Viet Nam vet who has been told to take off his Marine Corps stickers that he displays on his car or he will be fined $50 a day from the "Home Owners' Association" and his car towed!

The attempt at Southern cultural genocide is merely the first step in American cultural genocide and the idiots--North and South--have been helping with their own destruction just as they did in the first War!

Time to realize what's at stake and protect the South first. That might just stop the rest of the bovine scatology.

From SWR's Lady Val


Southerners were and are "Americans."

They were, in fact, the definition of "American" from the beginning and this was believed by every part of the original "nation" except for New England. If you listen to some of the lectures available through the Abbeville and Stephen Dill Lee Institutes as well as from Dixie Broadcasting by men like Drs. Livingston and Wilson, you will learn that the Yankee was considered "odd man out" and disparaged by the rest of the country while he (the Yankee) could see nothing but himself and his section as the proper understanding of an American. When a Yankee wrote a dictionary, it wasn't an "American" dictionary, it was a "New England Yankee" dictionary. And when he wrote a book on geography, it was New England geography. Books by Yankees about the rest of the nation were filled with hatred and contempt for New Yorkers, the Dutch, Pennsylvanians and, of course, Southerners.

Only after the War of Secession did the Yankee become the standard by which all others were judged and the people of the South whose ancestors had created and nurtured this country and whose blood had been spilled and fortunes sacrificed for its furtherance, condemned to the bitter dregs of calumny. But never say that you, as a Southerner, are not an "American" because, in fact, you are the true and actual "Americans" and what is put forth today as an American is a false and deceptive image based upon New England utopianism.

SWR's Lady Val

Flagging Lexington Friday, January 13th

Flagging Lexington

Friday, January 13th, the Virginia Flaggers will be observing the official Lee-Jackson holiday by Flagging Lexington. We ask all Flaggers to take to the streets and sidewalks of Lexington in protest of the Flag Ban passed by Lexington City Council on September 1st, 2011. We have a suggested route to follow, slightly altered from the original proposed parade route, which now covers 2.5 miles, and passes by the homes and businesses of many of those who dishonored Lee, Jackson, and our ancestors with their prejudicial ban. We hope that many of you will follow the route in small groups, at your leisure, and as you are able on the morning/afternoon of January 13th.



Remembering the War to Prevent Southern Independence

Here at the beginning of 2012, let us not forget:

Our noble and gallant forefathers, The Confederate States of America, who sought to preserve the principles upon which the United States was founded and who reasserted: the right to self determination; the right of any people to cast off the bounds of government when it no longer serves the people and to found a new government; the right to live freely and without punitive taxation. They left in peace with malice to no one, were brutally invaded and fought nobly and bravely and died.

Those people who led and fought for the Union in this misnamed “Civil War” represent the absolute scum of the earth and some of the worst war criminals in history. Their deeds live in infamy even if the majority of Americans prefer to wallow in the myths of a "noble" Union and a war “to end slavery”.

Any man who would invade and totally destroy his previous country men because they preferred to peaceably go their own way and live their lives the way they wanted to under a government of their own choosing , is beyond any words of condemnation. But defeating the South was not enough for the Yankee; they had to give full vent to their hatred by turning their attacks to civilians and private property, burning, raping and stealing and they would not stop until they had literally prostrated the South. But even that was not enough! The North
then continued with 11 years of "Reconstruction", military occupation and rule, denial of self determination, all of which was nothing more than Cultural Genocide as they sought to stamp out every vestige of Southern culture.

All that led or fought for the North are guilty, just as the German soldiers in WWII who were "just following orders" are guilty for the unimaginable death and destruction they brought to Europe and Russia. Even unto today, the liberals, democrats, and the North and West Coast in general are practicing cultural genocide against the South, so great is their hatred. When have you seen or heard the South positively portrayed in anything?

The North made a mockery of the Declaration of Independence in invading the South. Their leaders and their soldiers and their supporters even unto today, are pariahs to the earth and all rotting in Hell where they belong for their deeds; there to join the only one who could have conceived of such an atrocity: their master, Satan.

The North's evil, lives on today in the form of the Cultural Genocide raged by Radical Liberals, Marxists, the Media, the Entertainment Industry, the Democrat Party and the supporters of Barack Obama, all of which are Lincoln's legacy.

The blood of 400,000 Southern soldiers and civilians cries out from the earth for vengeance and their spirits will not rest nor the torment of we, their decedents, until this deed is finally avenged.
My very soul cries for the fallen South.

Perhaps that revenge is now upon us in the ongoing collapse of the American Empire; the moral, spiritual, and ethical decline of its people and the nation's ultimate collapse which seems more and more inevitable. It is perhaps the sentence of a Righteous God for the North’s past deeds; a great nation cut its knees before its time.

Our Motto -- Deo Vindice -- God will vindicate our noble Confederacy and her people, is at the doorstep.


PoP Aaron
The Southern American

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