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Building the Case for Southern Secession

Alabama just passed the toughest law to prevent illegal immigration in the United States. The law, which was modeled on Arizona’s law goes much further. It makes it illegal in Alabama for any employer to hire an illegal immigrant and they must check the citizenship status of all existing or potential employees before hiring; it makes it a crime to transport illegal immigrants; all Alabama schools are required to determine the immigration status of all its students; police may request proof of citizenship during any arrest or ticketing for traffic violations; it makes it a crime for landlords to knowingly rent to illegals.

This law is completely constitutional under the Alabama and US Constitutions but we know it won’t stand. Even before the ink was dry on the new law, a half a dozen law suits were filed by illegal immigrant activist groups, the ACLU, and, of course, the Southern Poverty Law Center. Just as with the Arizona law, a Federal Court will enjoin this valid, constitutional law within days and it will finally end up in the Supreme Court after its implementation has been delayed for four or so years.

I don’t think the US Supreme Court of the US will support any of these laws as the court has drifted left even with its compliment of conservative justices. They will rule that control of immigration in any State is solely the right of the Federal Government.

Then the people of Alabama and Arizona are going to be outraged. With the Federal Governments decision that the States cannot control their own immigration status because that is the prerogative of the Federal Government, even if the Feds refuse to lift a finger to control the problem, this flies in the face of the basis on which the US was founded and the rights of the people. It is the ultimate and final negation of States Rights and the last bastion of State Sovereignty.

It is times like this when the people of the South have been pushed to righteous outrage that progress can be made towards building the Southern Public’s acceptance of the requirement to secede in order to live in a free society and not have their homes, their communities, and the jobs available to legal citizens of the States, over run by a wave of illegal immigrants from Mexico and who knows where else.

We must educate our Southern Brothers and Sister as to how and why our country has come to this incredible state of affairs, and how we can fix it.

We must build on the righteous rage of the people as we plunge further and further into a Marxist State ruled by a committee of elites who care nothing for our heritage, our culture, our values, our happiness, or our rights as free men. And we must move now to take advantage of this incident and those to come before the rage cools and we drift back into the usual complacency of most of the Southern population.

SWR's Roy Norris
Conquered but Never Defeated
Deo Vindice


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post and full of accurate information. It is a scary thought to see the Federal government imposing its will on the states especially the South where the illegal immigrants are finding their doorway to our country.

My question to you is: As I agree that secession is the right of any state, how would a new southern independent free nation look? And by that what I mean is based on the republic stance as intended by our Founding Fathers? If so, it would most certainly need to be more disciplined on debt/income ratio as our Big Brother in the White House now. What are the chances of any secession in today's society?

December 9, 2011 at 10:05 AM  

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