PoP's Southern American: Their Hate Still Dot the South


Their Hate Still Dot the South

They laid waist to our land, they took it from our hands. The pain they caused will last as long as the scars we bear. From Atlanta to Savanna they scorched God's Earth. Killing, stealing and burning like vultures they left no food to eat, they tore the heart right out of Dixie. Lord they made everybody suffer!

How the heck can you ever say, it was worth all the pain? Just to have us live together under one flag!

You are to burn their houses, seize all their property and shoot them. You will be sure that you strictly carry out this order. You will inform the inhabitants for ten or fifteen miles around your camp, on all the roads approaching the town upon which the enemy may approach, that they must dash in and give you notice, and upon any one failing to do so, you will burn their houses and shoot the men. ~ Lincoln's Brigadier General R. H. MILROY


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