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The Road to Secession

In preparing the Southern People for re-establishing themselves as a separate country, separate from the Yankee dominated government of the US, and the Yankee people at large and their Midwestern and West Coast fellow ideologues, we simply cannot begin with where most Southern Nationalist's mindsets are today. All of us have traveled a path to reach the conclusions we have and to try to convince others, we cannot simply jump to the rational and logical endpoint of the path we have followed. The vast majority of Southerners must travel a path to this endpoint as well. First and most importantly, we must re-establish the view of the Southern People as unique and separate from the other peoples of the United States,i.e., a nation.

Perhaps a path for education of the majority of Southerners might begin with teaching how the United States got to the point it is today, the American Empire, war like, oppressive government, and on its way to destruction. As we all know the genesis of the fall of the United States began with the War to Prevent Southern Independence and the destruction of States Right’s, the final check and balance on the Central Government. We must demonstrate how the centralization of government, the destruction of State Sovereignty has led to the emergence of Marxism and Socialism in the United States and the current peril in which particularly the Southern People now find themselves.

Then we must present a discussion of the true causes of the War to Prevent Southern Independence followed by the view of Southern People being of a distinct and separate nation that can be traced back to our primarily British ancestry. Then finally, the total and complete impossibility of Southern People to ever live in harmony with the Yankee and his depraved society. Then, and only then, can the Southern People at large accept the idea of separation.

Separation can exist in many forms and progress to total separation in stages. In Great Britain, for example, separation has manifested itself through the recognition of the Scots and the Northern Irish as distinct and unique peoples. That has led to Scotland having its own Parliament, and now, after many years, possibly seeking status as a completely separate country while probably remaining within the British Commonwealth. Similar status has already been achieved by Canada and Australia, The move to complete independence from Great Britain is but simple and almost trivial step for any of these and unlikely to result in war.

Another example is French Canada, which came very close to secession in recent times. But who could deny it is a separate nation within the country of Canada. French Canada has been allowed to be a nation within a country but with a high degree of autonomy and total freedom to express their own culture and language.

Of course, separation can be achieved in one step through secession and if the opportunity presents itself (the total collapse of the American Empire brought on by a collapse of the monetary system or further moves to a totally Socialist/Marxist society), is preferable.

But it must all begin with a recognition by the people that they are a distinct and unique people of common beliefs and values, and a culture that separates them from other inhabitants of the United States. In other words they must first see themselves as a “nation” first before seeing themselves as a separate country.

Sadly, most Southerners today have forgotten this fact,that they are a nation apart from the rest of the US; a fact that was completely understood by their ancestors, even before the American Revolution.

Each of us as Southern Nationalist must realize we are the advance guard; we are the first of modern Southerners to have fully understand that as Southerners we are a separate and distinct people with the prerequisites to form a nation; or better said, to re-form the Southern Nation. We must, as the original founders of the American nation, alert and teach the Southern people these facts. And it must be done in steps along a path to full understanding.

SWR's Roy Norris
Conquered but Never Defeated
Deo Vindice


Blogger rebshadow said...

The true bloods of the South are a distinct ethnic people, they are also Confederate American by birth. Dixie is a conquered nation, being conquered does not change the above truths!! They tried to destroy our Southern culture during the infamous reconstruction implemented by Congress, which imposed martial law in the Southern States, from 1866 to 1877... eleven years!!! We became U.S. citizens by force, not choice!

June 14, 2011 at 8:30 PM  

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